Credit Recovery/Individual Courses

Students who have not successfully earned required course credit have the opportunity to get back on track by taking a course at Brightmont. Our teachers will adjust the pace so students can master concepts and skills before moving ahead, resulting in stronger grades on the transcript and the confidence that comes from knowing you are well prepared for future studies.

By using a mastery-based learning model, teachers at Brightmont concentrate instruction time on the concepts where students need additional instruction and allow students to move ahead more quickly when they demonstrate that they already know the concepts being covered. Teachers use pretests to determine what students already understand, and areas where they require additional instruction. Then lessons are tailored to each individual student based on this data, allowing the student to make the most efficient and effective use of learning time.

Brightmont Academy offers a wide range of courses in every subject required for graduation. Students may select individual courses on an ala carte basis, enabling them to advance more quickly in a particular subject, enhance transcripts for college admissions, and recover credits. Brightmont can also provide greater variety when the student's school of record does not offer the preferred course of study. See a complete list of our courses.

Flexible scheduling allows us to schedule an additional course during after school hours and open periods within the traditional school day. Students are able to maximize their available learning time, and may be able to accrue credits more quickly than in traditional classroom-based schools - a great strategy for students who are behind on credits but still want to graduate on time with their cohort.

Enroll Now for Summer School

Summer is an ideal time for students to recover credits, lighten their school schedule, and enhance their transcripts. Contact us to learn more about earning credit during the summer.

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