Gifted and 2E Students

Gifted and twice-exceptional students often find school frustrating, and may feel trapped between two worlds of intelligence and learning disabilities. This conundrum is difficult for parents and students to understand and for teachers to address in a typical classroom setting. Typically, these student may develop a fear of failure, acting out behaviors in the classroom, school avoidance and low self-esteem. The one-to-one classroom at Brightmont is uniquely designed to address the full spectrum of learning issues and giftedness of this population of students. Being fully integrated, differentiated and infused for their specific learning profiles, Brightmont Academy offers a fresh start and academically appropriate environment for the 2E student to flourish.

Customized to Interests and Needs

It is often assumed, incorrectly, that bright students can learn anywhere, that they need less support than other students, and that they can produce large quantities of work. However, many gifted students are at risk of developing problems in school and failing academically in spite of their cognitive advantages, especially when disengaged or when thinking and discussing out-pace the student's ability to produce written assignments.

Brightmont Academy tailors instruction to individual needs, addressing the problem areas and maintaining a high level of challenge as needed while incorporating student interests to increase motivation and engagement. Our course offerings include Advanced Placement® (AP®) courses.

If a student completes work early, the reward is new content and an earlier course completion date, because of the underlying mastery-based learning structure. Brightmont is able to focus on depth, not volume, of work produced.

Accommodating for Emotional Needs

In addition to their academic needs, gifted students also have unique social-emotional needs. Their heightened cognitive capabilities and fast processing speed can cause them to be hypersensitive and respond more emotionally than situations warrant, which can impact their social relationships. Brightmont Academy customizes instruction in a private, one-to-one setting to mitigate issues and challenges that arise when students think and process information differently from peers. There are no concerns about asking too many questions or dominating discussions, because each student has the teacher’s undivided attention.

Instruction Based on Student Needs

Elizabeth's outstanding academic career was interrupted when health problems caused her to miss school. The flexible schedule and pace offered by Brightmont allowed her to graduate on time.

"Although Elizabeth was very capable, she could never have accomplished this without Brightmont and their wonderful, understanding teachers," said Lauren, Elizabeth's mother.