Brightmont Academy provides many supports to families who are homeschooling, or who are transitioning out of a homeschool situation. All Brightmont, instruction is done in a one-to-one setting, providing the same customization opportunities that homeschooled students already enjoy, and allowing for homeschooled students to join our positive community at each Brightmont campus. A variety of options are available to support your homeschooling program.

Supplemental Instruction in a Single Subject or More

Brightmont offers two ways to supplement a homeschool program when you are seeking additional instruction for a portion of the program.

Individual Courses for Credit

Families may hand-select individual courses and earn credit for the single subject, allowing them to homeschool or use another resource for the remaining subjects. When all course requirements have been completed, Brightmont issues an official transcript to document the credit.

We have a wide variety of courses available. Many homeschool families use Brightmont for advanced studies in order to receive instruction in advanced levels of all subjects, access AP® courses, or earn college credit while still in high school. Others elect to enroll in Brightmont for elective courses and career and technical courses. Still others choose Brightmont for a portion of their studies simply to expose the student to different teachers and communication styles.


Our qualified instructors are used to teaching a variety of curricula, and are able to support a single subject, or even a single unit or project. Tutoring may continue for as long or as short as is appropriate, and is sold in packages of 10 sessions.

Additional Services

Test Prep

Prepare for the SAT® or ACT® with focused, one-to-one instruction. Please contact the campus director for information about other standardized exams.

Test Proctoring

Some online programs and curricula require that certain exams be proctored in a secure setting. Brightmont staff will proctor exams at our campus.

College Application Assistance

Tutoring sessions may be used to gain information and assistance with completing college applications, including responding to open response questions and/or the personal essay. Homeschooled students sometimes struggle to fit their information and accomplishments into a standard form, and our instructors can ask questions to understand the student’s strengths, then work with them to highlight key themes.

Career and College Assessment

We can help your student explore and identify appropriate college majors.

Instruction Based on Student Needs

Elizabeth's outstanding academic career was interrupted when health problems caused her to miss school. The flexible schedule and pace offered by Brightmont allowed her to graduate on time.

"Although Elizabeth was very capable, she could never have accomplished this without Brightmont and their wonderful, understanding teachers," said Lauren, Elizabeth's mother.