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We are looking for exceptional educators and staff to help students reach their academic potential. What is it like to be part of Brightmont Academy? Brightmont staff get the opportunity to help students thrive with a unique one-to-one educational model. We provide our staff with curriculum, training, tools and resources to maximize outcomes with students.

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Special Event: Career Day

Career Day is an opportunity for professionals interested in working at Brightmont to meet the Campus Director and learn about the school. Please RSVP to the Career Day event of your choice.

Wednesday, November 3 9am-4pm

Castle Pines, CO campus

Open Position:
  • English/Social Studies Instructor


Thursday, November 4 9am04pm

Broomfield, CO campus

Open Positions:
  • Math/Science Instructor
  • English/Social Studies Instructor
  • Learning Coach/Homework Studio


Teaching at Brightmont Academy

Instructors work one-to-one with students, providing a customized educational experience that allows students to truly learn. Our teachers provide personalized attention that actively engages students. As a Brightmont Academy educator you will immediately see when students understand the material or need further instruction for mastery. You will be able to adapt teaching to fit each child's learning style and pace. And you will see how students become successful and gain confidence.

engaged learning

Students are more engaged with Brightmont teachers because the one-to-one environment is focused entirely on their own learning. They are more comfortable asking questions or offering thoughts in the one-to-one classroom.

I can't say enough how fantastic Brightmont Academy has been for my son. The teachers have built great rapport, and have been able to speed up when his mind is devouring the information, and slow down when a gap is discovered or new material is proving to be challenging. In a very short time, my son has started to redefine his previous failures in school, and is now finally enjoying his learning experience and feels more hopeful about his future!
-Eliana C., Brightmont parent
positive relationships

Teachers get to learn about each student's interests, learning style, personal experiences and challenges. At Brightmont, positive relationships blossom, enabling students to grow emotionally, socially, and academically.

What I like about Brightmont is the teachers and staff know my daughter. She is greeted warmly every day and they make an effort to keep up to date on her out of school interests. The one on one individualized style has accommodated her anxiety and learning obstacles.
-Brightmont parent
emotional impact

Brightmont teachers see the difference they make in a student's attitude toward learning. Students build confidence, increase motivation and have less anxiety while being supported by Brightmont staff.

The teachers at Brightmont Academy are exceptional! My granddaughter's teachers are incredibly patient and know how to keep her on track in a kind and loving way. They help my granddaughter to recognize her potential and celebrate her successes with her, which is building up her confidence.
-Lisa R., Brightmont grandparent

Brightmont Academy is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Employees have the option to participate in the company 401(k) plan.

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