Athletes and Performers

Elite athletes have unique challenges when trying to balance academic studies with intense practice schedules and lengthy competitive seasons. Talented musicians, actors, models, and dancers also must balance significant rehearsal and performance schedules with school.

Brightmont Academy offers a flexible schedule so that athletes and performers remain available for all the activities necessary to develop their talents and compete at very high levels, while still being mindful of graduation requirements, NCAA eligibility requirements for athletes, and other academic restrictions that might otherwise limit participation.

Time for Sports and Performances along with Graduation

Whether at a training center, on the road, in a recording studio, or at home, student athletes and performers can complete course work on a schedule designed to best fit with travel and practices. Our flexible scheduling means that courses can be started any time of the year. Programs may also be paused during competitions, enabling young athletes to focus on the sport when needed, even for months at a time. During off season, students then shift to academics. Brightmont Academy is open all 12 months of the year as we recognize that some students who participate in winter sports prefer to have an extended vacation then, and run their school year from March through November. There are many possibilities at Brightmont!

Daily schedules and homework loads may also be adjusted to facilitate rigorous practice and training sessions. Brightmont offers afternoon and evening sessions when appropriate, and may accommodate students who are traveling by using technology to connect teacher and student.

Achieving High Grades to Maintain Eligibility

Many teams set minimum grade point average requirements in order to play. In addition, the NCAA considers grade point average when determining initial eligibility to play at the collegiate level. Brightmont Academy uses a mastery-based instruction approach, which ensures that students understand the material and demonstrate mastery before moving ahead to the next concept. As a result, final grades represent this higher level of learning. Students may spend as much time as necessary reviewing content until they achieve mastery.

At the same time a student prepares mentally and physically for the athletic demands of a highly competitive sport or intensive performance schedule, Brightmont can prepare the student academically for a competitive college placement. Our graduates have been accepted to a wide range of colleges and universities.

Balancing Multiple Priorities

Brightmont Academy is able to assist not only with the academic instruction necessary to learn and develop into a successful high school student, but also with the many other competing priorities that teenagers face. We provide test prep for college entrance exams such as the SAT® and ACT®, assessments and consulting services to help select a college major and/or career path, and a customized graduation plan that considers college and career goals, NCAA eligibility requirements, and other personal factors related to the student's post-graduation plans.

We recognize the intense pressure that our elite athletes and accomplished performers face after reaching the highest competitive levels. Our staff can assist with a wide variety of support services, so please talk with a director for more information. Always, our goal is to find the solution that works for your unique situation and to reduce stress in the process.

SAT is a registered trademark of the College Board. ACT is a registered trademark of ACT, Inc.

Instruction Based on Student Needs

Elizabeth's outstanding academic career was interrupted when health problems caused her to miss school. The flexible schedule and pace offered by Brightmont allowed her to graduate on time.

"Although Elizabeth was very capable, she could never have accomplished this without Brightmont and their wonderful, understanding teachers," said Lauren, Elizabeth's mother.