Accredited Private School, Grades 6-12
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Tuition and Fees

School Year 2017-18

Education at Brightmont Academy is customized to meet the needs of each student. Because all programs and instruction are individualized, students can begin attending at any time of the year.

Contact your local campus director to get a free consultation and customized program recommendation that includes the corresponding tuition and timeline, as well as information about tuition loans.

Full-Time Program

$21,000 to $33,500 to earn credits equivalent to one school year
(Actual instruction time may vary due to our mastery-based approach.)

For middle and high school students who will be most successful with the Brightmont one-to-one advantage for their whole school experience. Students earn a high school diploma and prepare for college.

Concurrent Program

$15,900 for up to 3 courses (6 semesters equivalent)

For students who want to combine effective one-to-one instruction for three core academic courses* at Brightmont and the experience of a traditional high school.#

Middle and High School Courses

Starting at $2,700 per semester credit

For students who will achieve better results with one-to-one customized support for one academic course. Students use this option for the best learning outcomes in a specific subject, to get ahead, to make-up a credit or to improve a grade. Standard courses includes up to 30 one-to-one sessions. Advanced Placement courses® include up to 55 one-to-one sessions.*


$70 per one-to-one session

For students who want to get better grades and build study skills with a well-rounded tutoring experience: qualified teachers as tutors, fully customized goal-setting and instruction, a focused learning environment, and instruction oversight by an experienced campus director. Minimum of 10 sessions.

Options above are appropriate for most students. Customized programs and associated tuition are available to meet specific student goals.

Summer School Programs

Starting at $700

For students in grades 3 through 12 who would like to build skills for success in the next school year and avoid “summer skill regression,” tutoring packages are available. Students in grades 6 through 12 may also enroll in courses to get ahead or recover credits. Summer programs accommodate students’ individual goals and schedules.

Additional Services

Ask about our other education services that include:

  • Test Preparation
  • College and Career Assessment
  • Earning high school and college credit with one course

Enrollment Fee


Standard Enrollment Fee applies for new students only. Students may return at any time for any reason and the enrollment fee does not apply.

* Tuition is based on average number of one-to-one sessions needed to complete a course. Some students such as those taking advanced course or those who need more support may need additional sessions to show mastery.
# As approved by the partner school and local school regulations.

School districts, trusts, and other institutions please contact Anna Vasquez at for a quote for 3rd party tuition payments and any other contract issues.

Advanced Placement® and AP® are registered trademarks of the College Board, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, this product.

Accredited Private School

Brightmont Academy is a private, accredited, year-round school for 6th to 12th graders. All course instruction is provided by one teacher working with one student.

Take the Next Step

Contact your local campus director to get a free consultation and customized program recommendation including the corresponding tuition and timeline.

My daughter was ready to drop out of school. At Brightmont Academy she thrives. The one-to-one instruction method is the key to her success. Parent
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