Brightmont Academy

Skill Building Programs

Brightmont’s one student one teacher instructional model offers 100% personalized instruction. We work entirely at your child’s pace and all learning and homework can be completed at school. Skill building programs can be structured around your student’s calendar. Provide your student with the strategies that most schools don’t teach in a format where all of the focus is on your child.

Our Approach


The student takes a pre-test to assess their strengths and weaknesses. If your child is behind 1-5 grade levels, we can help! Based on test results, we will customize a skill-building program to help your child reach their goals.

One-to-One Instruction

Our one teacher - one student instruction individualizes the learning process, enabling the student to build skills at their own pace and learning style.


The student takes a final assessment to show their overall growth.




Executive Functioning


Math, Reading, Writing, and Executive Functioning Programs

10 session package: $900

20 session package: $1,800

Course for Credit

33 session semester course: starting at $2,700