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Frequently Asked Questions

Brightmont Academy uses a one-to-one instructional approach exclusively. This learning environment is very different for most students and families, so below are some questions that frequently come up in our conversations with families. If you have further questions, or would like information specific to your individual situation contact your local campus director or call 1-888-521-0887.


Is this an online school? Do students work on their own?

No, Brightmont Academy is a brick-and-mortar school. When we say one-to- one instruction, we define this as one teacher sitting next to one student and teaching according to that student’s learning plan throughout the scheduled instruction time. We do use a media-rich digital curriculum as well as textbook-based curricula, but in conjunction with direct instruction from a qualified teacher.

Does it work? Will my child be successful at Brightmont?

Brightmont Academy has a 19-year history of success and numerous graduates providing testimonials about their experience.

My child has medical issues. What if we learn we need a hospital or residential placement mid-year?

Brightmont Academy allows 18 months to complete our annual programs. Most students complete courses in less time than a traditional school year, so this timeline allows the student to put instruction on pause while receiving medical or therapeutic treatment, and then resume instruction when the student is healthier and more able to benefit from instruction. Rather than forfeit tuition and partial credits, Brightmont Academy will work with you to help your child receive the proper care medically, emotionally, and academically, even if those needs should change throughout the year.

We are relocating unexpectedly and I don’t see your school calendar posted. When do terms start?

Brightmont Academy is open year-round and accepts students at any time of year. Further, we are able to structure classes to allow students to earn semester or trimester credits, or any partial credit as needed by the student. We are perfect for families moving at an atypical time of year as we are able to begin instruction at any time. Some students remain at Brightmont through the end of the school year or until they receive their diploma; others remain at Brightmont to stay on par with their peers until a seat opens up in another school.

Why do students come to Brightmont?

There are many reasons why Brightmont Academy is the right solution for students. Some want to accelerate their graduation date or to take more advanced classes than are available in their public, charter, or private school. Others want to add a particular course to their transcript and may need a different schedule than what is otherwise available. Still others are behind in credits or skills and seek a private place to grow without pressure from peers who may be working at a different level. Every situation is unique, and we accommodate athletes, performers, homeschooled students, and many other types of learners. The best way to determine if Brightmont is right for you is to tour a campus and talk with a campus director.

We enrolled at Brightmont a year ago for tutoring, but now our situation has changed. Can I enroll as a student for a different subject?

Absolutely! Many of our students return for a wide variety of reasons and services. One of the advantages of enrolling at Brightmont is that you get an entire team of education professionals, so we are able to accommodate the student’s changing needs over time. Our enrollment fee is only charged once, so there is never an additional fee to return, even years later, or to discuss an alternate program with a campus director.

I believe Brightmont can help my child, but it’s expensive for my budget. Are scholarships available?

Some states do provide scholarships that may be used at Brightmont Academy. Brightmont offers 5 full-time programs designed to accommodate a wide variety of needs and learning goals, each at a different price point. In addition, we strongly recommend that you consult with a campus director before ruling out Brightmont Academy for financial reasons. In many cases, a student may be served through a hybrid program where they earn some credits at Brightmont in our one-to-one setting, and other credits in another school or program, which reduces the overall cost from our standard full-time tuition. In addition, tuition loans are available.

How do I know my child will like his or her teacher?

Our teachers are specially selected for sharing our philosophy that all students can succeed in addition to having strong content knowledge and pedagogical skills. We like everyone we work with, and most students do, too! But in the event your child is placed with someone who either is not a good match for their personality and learning style, or doesn’t explain concepts in a way that your child can understand, then we can make a make a teacher change. Please discuss your concerns with the campus director.

Does Brightmont serve students with special needs?

Yes. Although Brightmont Academy is not classified as a special education school, all campuses have staff able to make accommodations and to provide specially designed instruction for special education students, especially those with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), learning disabilities, depression, anxiety, gifted abilities, and autism. Please meet with a campus director for more information on how we might serve your child's special needs.

How do I know if Brightmont is right for me/my child?

The best way to learn more about Brightmont Academy is to visit and meet with a campus director. There is no fee for this consultative meeting, and you will learn more about the options proposed specifically for you.