One-to-One Instruction is Effective for Many Learners

Because one-to-one instruction fully individualizes the learning process, it effectively addresses a wide range of learning styles and needs. Brightmont offers this successful approach in full-time private school, individual courses, and tutoring. Our 1-to-1 instructional model means 93% of our students feel more confident and better prepared for life after graduation.

Students with Learning Difficulties

Brightmont Academy offers a new beginning for students with learning disabilities, attention deficits, emotional issues, health concerns or other special needs. Our one-to-one instruction fully accommodates the learning styles and needs of each individual. Students with learning difficulties work with dedicated teachers who have the expertise required to challenge and encourage them.

Students Struggling in School

One-to-one instruction at Brightmont offers students the focused step-by-step support that helps them:

  • Graduate from high school
  • Complete a course successfully
  • Gain important academic and study skills

By using a mastery-based approach within the one-to-one format, teachers may provide remedial instruction when needed, and students gain confidence knowing that they will not move ahead in the curriculum until they are ready.

Students Needing a More Flexible Schedule

Brightmont offers one-to-one instruction on a flexible schedule for students who may simply need an alternative to the structure of a traditional school. Teachers are sensitive to students’ academic and personal circumstances.

Students Looking to Advance

Students seeking a greater challenge experience a more rigorous approach at Brightmont Academy. Our one-to-one instruction allows students to progress at an accelerated pace and take more demanding courses, such as Honors and Advanced Placement®.

Gifted students are also well served in Brightmont Academy, as our one-to-one instruction and mastery-based approach allow students to progress more quickly and to access curricula at the right challenge level. Brightmont provides customized programs for gifted and twice exceptional (2E) students, addressing both academic and emotional needs.


Brightmont offers flexibility to work around competition schedules, and our academic offerings include many courses that have that have been approved by NCAA for students wanting to meet initial eligibility requirements.


Highly accomplished musicians, actors, models, and dancers may find balancing school with a demanding rehearsal and performance schedule challenging. Brightmont Academy offers the flexibility to schedule classes around these commitments.

Homeschooled Students

Brightmont Academy provides many supports to families who are homeschooling, or who are transitioning out of a homeschool situation. All Brightmont instruction is done in a one-to-one setting, allowing maximum flexibility to coordinate with the parent on scheduling, curriculum choice, and the number of subjects studied at any given time.

International Students

International students wishing to study in the United States can enroll at Brightmont Academy for a full course of study. Learn more about admissions for international students.

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Instruction Based on Student Needs

Elizabeth's outstanding academic career was interrupted when health problems caused her to miss school. The flexible schedule and pace offered by Brightmont allowed her to graduate on time.

"Although Elizabeth was very capable, she could never have accomplished this without Brightmont and their wonderful, understanding teachers," said Lauren, Elizabeth's mother.