Brightmont Academy

Reading Intervention Program

Students who struggle with reading and/or dyslexia need the right support. Brightmont's new Reading Intervention Program combines our successful one-to-one instruction model with a multi-sensory curriculum based on the Orton-Gillingham approach to help students improve as readers. The reading comprehension strategies used in this program have been proven to help students in K-12 improve their reading skills.

Students We Support
Struggling readers
At-risk readers
Students with dyslexia
Students on the autism spectrum
Package Benefits
Pre-enrollment consultation to determine individual student goals
(20) 1-hour sessions
Pre- and post- tests to assess student's skills and growth
One student, one teacher instruction
Individualized program to build reading skills and comprehension using a multi-sensory curriculum
Assessment review to determine additional packages needed to reach desired learning level
Customized scheduling


$1,800 for 20 session package

Our instruction is customized for individual student needs.

Inquire about Reading Intervention for Your Child

A Brightmont teacher will work one-to-one with your child using research-based curriculum specially designed to enhance reading skills. Talk with us to learn how your child can strengthen their reading and comprehension skills using sensory-cognitive processing.

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