Accredited Private School, Grades 6-12
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About Us

Brightmont Academy is a fully accredited private school serving students with a one-to-one instructional approach. Our mission is to provide customized one-to-one instruction to help as many students as possible reach their full academic potential and prepare for college and career.

Every day for 20 years, we have seen the positive results of this approach and we are proud to have helped more than 4,000 students find their paths to becoming more confident and successful learners. Read more about our customized approach to learning.

Our carefully chosen education team continually encourages students. They deliver effective, customized one-to-one instruction for each student. Our experts include:

  • Seasoned administrators: The leadership team and individual campus directors each have a master’s degree and more than 20 years of experience working with middle school and high school students.
  • Dedicated, experienced teachers: Brightmont Academy teachers are selected for their demonstrated knowledge in their respective disciplines and their ability to teach, motivate, and mentor students.

We are committed to helping each student achieve learning gains and develop confidence. Each success makes us proud to be part of the Brightmont team.