Student Success - Kerry

Building Confidence Through Learning Success

Student improves math scores through individualized tutoring

Always a popular student, Kerry had struggled with math since second grade. Her mother, Linda, observed that Kerry would lose focus and become distracted sitting in a traditional classroom, especially when the teacher was simply standing in front of the class and lecturing.

To help improve her math skills in third grade, Kerry began working with a tutor in a small group. This approach wasn’t optimal. As one of three students in the group, Kerry did not feel comfortable speaking up when she had questions. Linda spent years trying to find the right solution for her daughter. As she entered high school, Kerry was more successful in her social life than in the classroom, where she continued to struggle with grasping the content. Finally, her mother found Brightmont Academy.

Trusting Expert Math Teachers

Now for two hours a week, Kerry works one-to-one with Ashley, her tutor at Brightmont. Ashley helps Kerry with her math homework and prepares her for quizzes and tests. “Ashley explains math in a way that I can understand,” said Kerry. “We review it a few times until I get the hang of it.” As a result, Kerry’s test scores have improved dramatically.

Kerry believes the gains she has made at Brightmont have a lot to do with the trust she has in Ashley. “Ashley knows my study habits and how I learn best,” said Kerry. She realizes the benefits Brightmont has provided her and now when she sees friends having difficulties in school, she recommends they try Brightmont too.

Taking Academic Confidence to College

With newfound confidence in her studies, Kerry and her mother, Linda, are looking forward to Kerry attending college. Linda said, “Kerry has learned more than math at Brightmont Academy. With her progress came increased confidence, which really helped cut back on her tendency to procrastinate. She has learned valuable study skills that will certainly benefit her when she goes to college.”