Homework Studio

Homework Studio is independent learning time to supplement time spent in one-to-one instruction sessions. This supervised study lab is designed for students who can work independently, and offers the opportunity for students to complete coursework-related assignments, engage in additional academic exercises, practice good study habits and build executive function skills, and/or sit for proctored exams. Students have access to technology, a quiet work area, and a teacher-on-call who can redirect students as needed and help them solve problems that arise when studying independently.

Brightmont understands that many students struggle with self-directed study and many parents would prefer not to get into homework battles. For some students, Homework Studio can enhance their program by supporting productivity outside of the one-to-one instruction time and providing a structured environment outside of home for students to complete assignments that would otherwise be homework.

Homework Studio is included in the full-time High School Program, and is available as an add-on for other academic programs when approved by the campus director.