Academics and Accreditation

As an accredited private school, our curriculum includes all required 1st- to 12th-grade courses in math, language arts, science, and social studies. In addition, we offer Spanish and elective courses at all levels of rigor ranging from standard high school level college prep curriculum to Honors courses and Advanced Placement®. View a complete list of our course offerings.

Brightmont Academy is accredited by Cognia, and other independent organizations. Credits are accepted for college admission, and Brightmont Academy grants a high school diploma recognized by colleges and universities. Please consult with a campus director to determine appropriate courses for every aspiration.

One-to-One Instruction Model

At Brightmont Academy, all instruction is delivered by one teacher working with one student in a private learning room. With a class size of one, instruction is tailored to each student’s level, building strong student-teacher relationships and allowing for immediate feedback and adjustment within each lesson. Incorporating student interests into instruction also helps keep the student engaged and progressing efficiently.

Mastery-based Instruction

Brightmont Academy issues credit based on mastery, not seat time. This allows true customization of the pacing of a course and takes advantage of the one-to-one instruction model. Students progress at their own pace, moving forward with assessments demonstrate that the student has met mastery and reviewing and remediating when necessary.

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