Accredited Private School, Grades 6-12


Student of the Month: Joey

Joey enrolled at Brightmont Academy - Apple Valley a little over a year ago and has just completed her junior year. She is a bright and capable student, who didn't always realize her full potential. Joey has found that Brightmont is the right environment for her to be successful in school. "Brightmont has helped me grow as a student...

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Student Achievement Spotlight: Cole

Cole first came to Brightmont Academy in August of 2015 at the beginning of his freshman year of high school after spending his middle school years in a non-traditional school environment. The social aspect of a traditional high school with large class sizes seemed overwhelming, so his family chose Brightmont Academy...

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Teacher of the Month: Andrew Anderson

Mr. Andrew joined the Brightmont Academy — Chandler family in the fall of 2016. He was hired as a math teacher, however, he has a talent and passion for teaching history and has recently transitioned to the role of history teacher. Mr. Andrew's students adore him and love having him for a teacher...

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Student of the Month: Tatiana

We applaud Tatiana! She just started attending Brightmont Academy — Plymouth four months ago, and has embraced our one-to-one teaching style with enthusiasm. A traditional school setting was not conducive to Tatiana's academic and health needs. Tatiana needed a later start to her day and a solid break...

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Student of the Month: Timothy

Congratulations to Timothy, a full-time 9th grade student who has attended Brightmont Academy for the past three months. Timothy's Algebra teacher, Rinki says, "Timothy began as a regular Algebra 1 student but progressed so well through the course work that he was able to achieve an 'Honors' designation for the...

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Student of the Month: Tatyana

Tatyana, an eighth-grade student at Brightmont Academy — Seattle, has persevered through many difficult transitions and thrived. A customized academic plan was created for Tatyana so that she could get back on track. From day one at Brightmont, Tatyana felt comfortable and engaged in school...

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