Accredited Private School, Grades 6-12

Accomplish Summer Learning Goals on a Flexible Schedule

Earn credits for graduation and build important skills over the summer with effective one-to-one instruction at Brightmont Academy.

Flexibility to Fit Summer Plans

At Brightmont Academy, summer students can take advantage of one-to-one instruction on a schedule that works with vacation plans. For instance, students can start a course, take a trip or attend summer camp, and then complete coursework when they return.

Earn Credits for Graduation

Get ahead or recover a credit. At accredited Brightmont, one-to-one instruction means students maximize the benefit of time spent learning. They can move ahead more quickly when the content is understood, or take the time needed to really understand a concept. Credits earned during the summer may count toward earning a diploma at Brightmont, or be transferred to another high school.

Choose from our catalog of 80+ courses including Advanced Placement*, algebra, health, and Spanish. Learn more.

Skill Building Packages for 3rd- to 12th-Grade

Each student’s study plan is customized to exactly what will help the individual be more successful in the next school year and avoid “summer skill regression.” Instruction integrates facts, concepts, and study skills.

Mastering Math. Fill in the gaps and get a head start on what’s coming up next semester.

Writing Workshop. Work on individual areas of difficulty while writing about topics of personal interest.

Read All About It. Learn reading efficiency and complete summer reading requirements.

Bridge to High School. Manage the transition to high school with an individualized focus on study and organizational skills.

Senior Writing Studio. Draft your college application essay and improve performance on essay tests.

Preparing for College and Career. Explore college and career options and practice the application process.

SAT® and ACT® Test Prep

Review important content, take practice tests, and learn essential test-taking tips. Get the advantage of one-to-one instruction with an experienced English and math teacher.

The Brightmont Advantage

Because we believe in the potential of each student, we are committed to ensuring each learner is successful through providing:

  • One-to-one instruction: One teacher, one student—all of the time
  • Customized learning plan: Accommodation for individual academic needs, learning difficulties, and learning styles
  • Expert educators: A team of seasoned administrators and dedicated, experienced teachers who believe in each student’s potential

*Advanced Placement® and AP® are registered trademarks of the College Board, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, this product.

SAT is a registered trademark of the College Board. ACT is a registered trademark of ACT, Inc.


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“Brightmont Academy’s flexible schedule met my daughter’s specific needs and was a great option for our family.” Parent

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