Support Services

In addition to full-time private school placement, Brightmont Academy offers a wide range of support services accessible not only to Brightmont students, but also to students in any other school setting.


Because Brightmont instructors are used to teaching courses from start to finish, they provide outstanding tutorial support, recognizing how key concepts build upon each other and supplementing the student's textbooks and materials when needed. Students benefit from having a consistent teacher at a regularly scheduled time, enabling the teacher to support current academic content as well as teach the underlying skills and strategies to build strong executive function skills.

Brightmont offers a full team of educators with expertise across all subject areas, so some students schedule instruction time with multiple tutors, gaining an expert to support and provide additional instruction in each subject. This also allows students to shift to focus on a different subject as homework and project demands upon the student change throughout the year.

All instruction is provided in a one-to-one setting with one teacher providing instruction to one student in a private learning room.

Credit Recovery or Individual Courses for Credit

There are multiple reasons why a student might elect to take an individual course at Brightmont. In some cases, the student's school does not offer the course the student wants, or offers it at a time in conflict with another mandatory subject. Brightmont allows the student to participate in all desired options by offering after school scheduling that will let the student earn a credit in addition to the full school day.

Some students need to retake a course previously attempted to be on track for graduation. Brightmont offers a wide variety of courses, including all that are required to meet graduation requirements. If you need to make up a credit not included on our standard course offering list, please consult a campus director to determine whether or not we might offer this subject.

Brightmont also offers a wide variety of advanced courses for students who want to show accomplishment and acceleration in a particular subject area. This is especially helpful in subjects that sequentially build on previous courses such as math or Spanish when a student wants to progress beyond levels commonly available.

Test Prep

Students are exposed to multiple high stakes tests during their academic careers, and Brightmont is here to help ensure the student is demonstrating their true ability without being distracted by the format of the test. Test prep includes a combination of test-taking strategies and a review of the content covered in each subtest. All instruction is provided in our one-to-one setting, so the program can be tailored to prioritize math or verbal subtests if needed.

Career and College Assessment and Consulting

As students complete graduation requirements, the instruction can become more meaningful and engaging when it helps prepare a student for a future career. Brightmont Academy offers a full array of interest inventories and career assessments to help students sort out what they are good at, what they like to do, and what careers will support the future lifestyle that they hope to have. This guidance has been unanimously endorsed by our students as a valuable piece of their educational program.

Much More

Brightmont has a great deal of flexibility to build a program uniquely suited to satisfy individual student needs. As you explore the range of services we typically offer, please also reach out to us if you need another service. If we aren't able to accommodate you, we will certainly help to identify an appropriate referral. The first step is a conversation with any campus director. Get started today.


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Isaac felt completely lost in his Algebra I class and was at risk of failing. Tutoring with Brightmont’s one-to-one instruction helped him gain confidence. “It feels good to finally get it,” Isaac says.