Typically-Developing Students

Brightmont Academy is an appropriate choice for many students who have no academic issues. It is often the school of choice for students and families looking for an education tailored to individual interests and pacing or seeking to boost the learning experience. Students who have anxiety or depression find Brightmont to be a safe environment to focus on their academics while enhancing their emotional well-being.

One-to-one school
also provides an efficient way for many typically developing students to earn more credits than those required for graduation, to enhance their transcripts and college applications, or simply to learn something new. The one-to-one instructional format offers a tailored, in-depth learning experience that is comfortable and satisfying for many learners.

Elevating Emotional Well-Being

93% of Brightmont full-time students who have struggled with anxiety,
report reduced anxiety after one year.

Instruction Based on Student Needs

Elizabeth's outstanding academic career was interrupted when health problems caused her to miss school. The flexible schedule and pace offered by Brightmont allowed her to graduate on time.

"Although Elizabeth was very capable, she could never have accomplished this without Brightmont and their wonderful, understanding teachers," said Lauren, Elizabeth's mother.