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Featured Student: Tatyana

Tatyana, an eighth-grade student at Brightmont Academy — Seattle, has persevered through many difficult transitions and thrived.

Recently, Tatyana moved from Texas where she attended a public school that was failing to meet her needs, and she knew she needed a change. Tatyana had fallen behind in her academics because she wasn't getting the accommodations and support she needed for her learning disabilities. Also, she was bullied at school resulting in a lot of anxiety and depression. Tatyana's mom, Myrtle, heard about Brightmont through a friend and contacted Campus Director Marcia Rodes for more information. Myrtle and Tatyana flew to Seattle to meet Marcia, and Tatyana immediately felt at ease and welcome. A customized academic plan was created for Tatyana so that she could get back on track.

From day one at Brightmont, Tatyana felt comfortable and engaged in school due to the friendly and supportive staff and teachers. All of her teachers get to know her because all instruction is one-to-one. Tatyana's confidence has vastly improved because she understands expectations, knows she can ask questions which will be answered, and moves at her own learning pace. Tatyana enjoys that there are no distractions in class so she can stay focused. In less than two months, Tatyana has made gains in all academic areas; she was failing and now she is flourishing and achieving A's.

"Tatyana has gained a lot of confidence since attending Brightmont. She has gone from being anxious to being much more open and relaxed. It is so great to see her believing in herself again," says Myrtle. Tatyana had started feeling hopeless, but she never gave up on herself. Her transformation has been uplifting.

Through it all, Tatyana has felt inspired by embracing the world with curiosity and creativity. She is kind, sensitive, big-hearted, and highly artistic. She loves all creatures — great and small — from camels to frogs.

Congratulations to Tatyana for finishing her course work and reaching her goals. We are very excited that she will be promoted to the 9th grade!

featured drawings by Tatyana

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