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Sammamish Highlights

Celebrating Student Achievement

Student of the Month: Tracy

Diligent, focused, and happy – these are just some of the adjectives used to describe Brightmont Academy – Sammamish 9th grade student Tracy. Tracy began her studies at Brightmont in August 2017 and has added an extra sweetness to our campus. Tracy's world history teacher Matthew said, "My favorite thing about Tracy is how focused she is on her work and how much excitement she has for history and social studies." And Abbey, Tracy's English teacher said, "Tracy is such a joy to teach because of her excitement not only to learn, but also to simply enjoy life." Outside of Brightmont Tracy likes to practices piano, take karate lessons, and travel. She recently traveled to Vietnam to celebrate the Chinese New Year and to see her family. Tracy says her favorite subject currently is world history because "taking notes is fun." She also enjoys making and playing with slime with our science teacher. We are very proud of Tracy and we're excited to see where her many talents take her in the future.

Student of the Month: Aubrey

Aubrey joined our Sammamish campus on November 1, 2017. Although she has only been with us for a couple months, she has made quite an impact on our instructors and her fellow students. Many of her teachers have noted her good sense of humor. Her health teacher April said, "Aubrey approached health class with curiosity and a genuine desire to develop into a holistically healthy person. She completed all her homework on time and even finished the course early! Aubrey has a lot of potential and is motivated to excel." Outside of Brightmont, Aubrey has done volunteer work with Girl Scouts and is considering various careers, some of which are related to working with children. Aubrey's presence adds to the positive atmosphere on campus and she has formed bonds with many instructors and students. Congrats Aubrey!

Student Achievement Spotlight: Joel

Joel is a 6th grader at Brightmont Academy — Sammamish. He is bright, fun and creative. Joel came to Brightmont to be able to learn in a safe environment. He had extreme anxiety about attending school, stemming from experiences in the past. These were keeping him from coming to school. The beauty of Brightmont Academy is the way in which situations like this are approached. Instead of viewing this as a burden or a nuisance, Brightmont sees these moments as opportunities for creative ways of helping the student overcome obstacles. Between our campus director, Joel, his mother, and his doctor, we came up with a number of solutions for Joel to be successful. We started a reward system for Joel in which he can receive tokens from each of his teachers for completing tasks and staying focused. To further help with his anxiety, Joel's mom was able to get his dog, Ollie, certified as an Emotional Support Animal. With approval from Brightmont, Joel now brings Ollie to school to ease his anxiety when needed. Joel is getting awesome grades and with the help of his wonderful teacher John and the running club on campus, Joel is becoming a great athlete as well!

Student of the Month: Claire

Claire is a senior at Brightmont Academy — Sammamish and this is her second time receiving the Student of the Month award! She has been studying with us for just about 2 years. Claire is diligent in her school work and focused on her classes. To ensure she completes her homework assignments, she prioritizes them above her part-time job. Her English and Media Literacy teacher, Clay said, "Claire has really taken responsibility for her course work. As she has put in more effort, her understanding of concepts has grown so that she understands a lot more than she expected." Claire is a peaceful presence on campus and a joy to teach.

In addition to being an outstanding student, Claire has also been taking acting classes in Seattle for about two years. In July 2017 she was invited to the International Modeling and Talent Association Competition in New York where she won awards for her acting performance. Claire hopes to be in movies and television shows one day and plans to move to Los Angeles once she graduates from Brightmont to pursue her acting career.

Claire integrates her modeling and acting career in her Media Literacy class. She designed, implemented, and analyzed a social media profile. She was sure to examine the positive, and potentially negative aspects of a social media presence. She wrote, "People online can cyberbully you, even if they don't know you. You should not trust people online if you have never met them before." Congratulations Claire on being the Student of the Month at Brightmont Academy! We are proud of you!

Student of the Month: Kason

Kason is an 8th grader at Brightmont Academy Sammamish. Kason is so committed to science he is applying it to his hobbies of go-kart racing and nerf-gun videos outside of school. He takes videos with a GoPro attached to his kart then uses his knowledge from his science class to improve his time on the track! Kason is not afraid to ask questions and overcome challenges in class. His teacher April says, "Kason is kind, energetic, and curious." And the rest of us agree! Congrats to Kason as Student of the Month.

Student of the Month: Larissa

Larissa is a 7th grader at Brightmont Academy Sammamish. Larissa is a sweet, calming presence on campus. She is very capable and committed to her education. A few of her teachers have said she has a great attitude in class, she gets her homework done on time, and often goes above and beyond for her classes. Her smile will make your day better. She is a positive addition to Brightmont and we see her going very far in her life. Congrats to Larissa as Student of the Month.

Student of the Month: Cassie

Cassie came to Brightmont Academy — Sammamish the summer before she officially started 9th grade, seeking a school that would allow her to have a more flexible schedule. She decided to get a jump start on her high school credits and embarked on a rigorous program of advanced courses, including honors English and chemistry as a freshman.

Cassie is an enthusiastic student who brings life to the campus. It's not unusual to hear her humming a tune from her favorite Broadway musical or animatedly discussing a novel from English class. Her smile is infectious, as is her hard-working attitude.

When she is not at Brightmont, Cassie spends much of her time working with her horses. She frequently competes in high-level equestrian competitions in the hunter-jumper category. Cassie hopes to win an equestrian scholarship and compete at the college level. While she passionately pursues her sport, Cassie aspires to one day own and manage an equestrian school.

Congratulations to Cassie on being named Brightmont Academy Student of the Month for August!

Student of the Month: Colson

Colson is a 6th grade student at Brightmont Academy — Sammamish. A bright, generous, and thoughtful student, he brings energy and laughter to the campus on a daily basis. Colson has excelled in all of his courses this year, covering the entire sixth grade curriculum in four and a half months. He has worked extremely hard to get his coursework finished, including designing a board game for his English class, creating an Egyptian death mask for his social studies class, and conducting a survey project for his math class. Congratulations to Colson as July Student of the Month!

Student of the Month: Claire

Claire has been an outstanding student for the entire 2016-2017 school term, and recently completed two well written essays for her course work. She has completed homework in a timely manner, stays current in her studies, and works hard at being the best she can be in the classroom and in her daily life. Congrats to Claire as the June Student of the Month!

Student Achievement Spotlight: Cole

Cole first came to Brightmont Academy in August of 2015 at the beginning of his freshman year of high school after spending his middle school years in a non-traditional school environment. The social aspect of a traditional high school with large class sizes seemed overwhelming, so his family chose Brightmont Academy for the closer-knit, one-to-one environment and the individualized instruction. This provided Cole the opportunity to focus on his strengths and get help with areas in need of improvement.

Cole pursued a college-preparatory program while at Brightmont, which included language arts, science, mathematics, and history. His favorite courses were in the social sciences: World History, U.S. History, and U.S. Government and Politics. He proactively researched topics covered in his classes to gain a deeper understanding of subjects that interested him. Cole's passion in research and discussion is clearly evident; he is fueled by curiosity in all things.

While studying at Brightmont Academy, Cole also explored his interests in music with guitar lessons at Plateau Music. On a few occasions he even treated his schoolmates to performances of songs he was learning. Additionally, Cole took classes at a local martial arts school, where he eventually started teaching classes as well.

At Brightmont Academy, Cole gained confidence in his abilities and has grown academically and personally. He has become an independent learner with a keen interest in current world events, politics, and interplanetary travel. Cole says, "Brightmont has opened doors for me that would not have been available if I had started as a freshman anywhere else. I am very happy with the experience that I have had here."

Cole has completed his sophomore year at Brightmont Academy and will continue his studies by participating in Running Start at Bellevue College. This dual enrollment program will allow him to earn college credits and fulfill high school requirements concurrently, and potentially earn an associate's degree. Afterwards, he plans to attend a four year college to study political science, business, economics, and computer science.

We are very proud of Cole's accomplishments at Brightmont Academy and wish him much luck and success as he moves on to the next chapter of his academic life!

Solar Eclipse 2017

Aug 21 2017

Brightmont students and staff were astonished by the sight of the solar eclipse! The moon moved between the earth and the sun mid-morning in Sammamish, about 200 miles north of the path of totality, where 92% coverage of the sun was visible. Students noticed a change in light level and a slight dip in temperature. They were fascinated by the crescent shapes that pierced through the leaves of trees and speckled the sidewalk. This truly marvelous celestial event was an enriching way to learn science outside the classroom.

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