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Deer Valley Highlights

Featured Student: Chaz

Chaz, a 7th grade student, earned an A+ on his climate change project. In his essay "The Earth Needs Your Help" Chaz writes, "As we all know, the earth isn't going to last forever. Although it's a sad topic to imagine the planet we stand on gone, it's a very real problem caused by a phenomenal danger called Climate Change." Incorporating metaphors, Chaz takes an informative and humorous approach to explaining the causes of climate change. He urges us to be more resourceful by purchasing fuel-efficient vehicles and buying foods that are gathered from free-range environments. He also describes the consequences of a destroyed ozone layer. Although we cannot solve climate change, Chaz invites us to be hopeful and do what we can to help our environment. "Climate change can be stalled so we can live on this earth for thousands of more years with a good outcome and plentiful supply of resources," says Chaz.

Student Work

Student Work

Student Quotes

Student Quotes

Theme Days

Theme Days

Students and staff participate in theme days throughout the year by dressing up in costumes and playing games. Theme days also have educational value. On Private Day, students learne map reading skills and pirate history. Students also use their creativity to make their own costumes.

International Ms.

International Ms. Jennifer Juniper visits Deer Valley

International Super Ms. Jenna Juniper visited the students and staff at the Deer Valley campus and spoke about the importance of dreams and the different paths we take to achieve them. She referenced her own academic history as an alternative learner with ADHD and how she had to accept her differences and view them as strengths not weakness. Jenna said she was afraid to dream when in school but that they did not need to. She encouraged them to dream. The students each identified one of their dreams, shared it with the group, and added it to a shared dreamcatcher.

Alumni News

Alumni News

Before Brightmont, Allison struggled with school attendance and completion of her coursework. With Brightmont's guidance, Allison was able to complete high school and stay on track with her graduation plan. Allison graduated in May 2016. She is now attending Michigan State University and is also a cheerleader.

Josi moved to Arizona from a progressive high school out of state. Once in Arizona, Josi struggled with pace, health issues and attendance at her local high school. She was in danger of not completing high school on time with other friends. With Brightmont's guidance, she completed her coursework on schedule. Josi attended community college and has now taken a year off for travel. She also works as Manager of Harold's in Cave Creek.

Kaine came to Brightmont as a twice exceptional learner who needed his coursework individualized and differentiated. He graduated from Brightmont in 2015.

Kaine is now a sophomore at Prescott College, a non-traditional college with an experiential model. In his program he has been studying environmental sustainability. He spent a semester researching the water tables at the Grand Canyon and kayaking the Colorado River from the Hoover Dam. He also helped replace invasive plants in the Hassayampa River Preserve with plants that are indigenous to the area. This year, he is in Kino Bay, Mexico working with Orcas and other marine life while problem solving ocean sustainability.

Butterfly Release

Butterfly Release

Students and staff at Brightmont Academy - Deer Valley witnessed the butterfly life cycle. Caterpillars changed into chrysalis inside the school and were released when they emerged as butterflies.

Students at Deer Valley share what they like about Brightmont:

I like Brightmont because I have learned so much! The teachers are great and they care so much about me! Since being at Brightmont, I have never been bullied once. I would like to graduate high school here. This is one of the best schools I have ever been to!
Kellyn, Grade 8

There are several things about my English class that I like. One thing I like is that Mr. Bob tries his best to make things fun in order to keep my attention. Another thing is that we are trying to do things that are more helpful towards me in particular. Mr. Bob and I have a lot in common so when we are getting ready for class there is usually something interesting to talk about.
Bradley, grade 12

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The Deer Valley Campus is located just south of the Happy Valley Towne Center.

Campus Hours

Mon.-Fri. 8am-5:30pm

We are closed May 27 in observance of Memorial Day.


Accredited by NCA, a division of AdvancED.

Approved as a Private Special Education School by the Arizona Department of Education.


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