Chandler Highlights

At Brightmont Academy - Chandler, students enjoy the fun and welcoming learning environment. Several times a year, students and staff dress up for theme days and get involved in community service projects. They even have a class pet, a bearded dragon named Apollo. View our favorite photos and be part of the excitement!

Historical Figures Day

Pajama Day

Students and staff get comfortable!


Read success stories from our featured graduates.


Arissa first came to Brightmont for tutoring and ACT test preparation. She worked with Brightmont teachers and successfully increased her ACT score by 6 points! As a result of her positive Brightmont experience, Arissa enrolled full-time and completed her senior year.

Instructor Jessica remarks on Arissa’s dedication to her academics. “There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs.” Arissa embodies this philosophy more than any student I have had the privilege of teaching...Arissa demonstrated motivation and work ethic that far exceeded her peers. I have the utmost confidence that no matter what path Arissa chooses in life, she will find success.”

Arissa is currently attending Brigham Young University. We are very proud of her accomplishments!


Chris is a brilliant student who persevered. He completed 2 years worth of courses in 15 months. Chris is continuing his studies at Mesa Community College. We wish him much growth and success on his journey ahead.

Service Projects

Service Day along with Deer Valley students and staff and food drive!

Class Pet - Bearded Dragon

Meet the class pet, Apollo. It's not every day that Apollo gets taken for a walk around campus, but when he does, he is grabs a lot of attention!

Game Truck Day

Students had an extra incentive to complete their schoolwork. Individual goals were created for each student, and when they met their goal they were rewarded with the opportunity to play video games. All students achieved their academic goals!

National School Choice Week

Mannequin Challenge

Students and staff took the Mannequin Challenge during National School Choice Week.

Take a peek through our windows to see one-to-one instruction frozen in time.

Student Quotes

Mr. Alan is kind, helps me with my school work, and helps me understand the subject. He is always smiling and focused on the topic at hand. Blaine, grade 10
Ms. Linda is very patient and forgiving. She works very hard to make sure I have a good environment to work in. Schuyler, grade 11
Dr. Debra listens to questions and helps to make improvements. Joshua, grade 11
Mr. Andrew helps kids do their work at a steady pace. Marcus, grade 8
Ms. Audrey is very helpful, very generous, and always has a positive attitude. Alex, grade 9