Broomfield Campus Welcomes Student Athletes

Competitive athletes like Zach find time to balance their sport and academics at Brightmont Academy. With flexible scheduling, Zach completes his course work as it fits with travel, soccer practices and conditioning. He is currently working toward his goal to get a high school diploma.

Students athletes at Brightmont Academy receive one-to-one instruction and customized programs. Athletes who are unable to attend a full-time school schedule during a competitive season can study courses during the off-season or attend school part-time to accommodate for sports requirements. Students who are missing credits needed to earn a high school diploma can enroll in an individual course. The one-to-one mastery-based instruction model enables students to earn credits more quickly, making a shorter school year possible. Mastery-based instruction also ensures the student understands content before moving ahead. Students can work toward a higher G.P.A. to meet NCAA initial eligibility.

A full range of support services are also offered to help student athletes transition to college. Tutoring, test preparation and career and college assessments are available.

Learn more about how Brightmont Academy is a good fit for student athletes and helps students meet NCAA requirements:

Fitting Education into an Athlete's Life

Student athletes gain the following benefits by attending Brightmont:

  • Fit academic schedule around practices and training

  • Meet in-person one-to-one with an experienced teacher

  • Maximize practice time, minimize wasted time
  • Pause curriculum when competition travel begins