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Tuition and Fees

School Year 2019-20

Education at Brightmont Academy is customized to meet the needs of each student. Because all programs and instruction are individualized, students can begin attending at any time of the year including summer.

We are supporting families during the COVID-19 pandemic by waiving the $200 Standard Enrollment Fee for new families who enroll between March 18, 2020-June 30, 2020. This applies to all programs.

Program Semester Courses One-to-One Sessions Tuition Grades
High School Program
10 330 $29,000 9-12
A comprehensive college preparatory program for one academic year of high school. Students earn credit for core courses and electives and get homework sessions on campus. Includes 10 semester core courses, 1 guided study course or experience-based elective, 200 Homework Studio sessions, a graduation plan, and technology and instructional materials. Tuition is based on the average number of one-to-one sessions needed to complete 10 semester courses (330). Some students such as those taking advanced courses or those who need more support may need additional sessions based on pacing.
Middle School Program 8 280 $24,500 6-8
A program designed to focus on building and refining key skills to prepare students for high school. Includes technology and instructional materials. Tuition is based on the average number of one-to-one sessions needed to complete 8 semester courses (280). Some students may need additional sessions based on pacing.
One of a Kind Program customized customized based on # of sessions 6-12
A fully customized academic program for middle and high school students. Courses are offered a la carte to build the ultimate learning solution that meets the student's individual goals.
Middle School Semester Core Course 1 35 $3,150 6-8
One middle school semester core course.
High School Semester Core Course 1 33 $2,700 9-12
One high school semester core course.
Tutoring (in-person or online) n/a 10 $700 3-12
For students who want to get better grades and build study skills with a well-rounded tutoring experience: qualified teachers as tutors, fully customized goal-setting and instruction, a focused learning environment, and instruction oversight by an experienced campus director. Minimum of 10 sessions.
Reading Intervention Program
n/a 20 $1,800 K-12
For K-12 students who want to improve their reading using a multi-sensory curriculum based on the Orton-Gillingham approach. Minimum of 20 sessions.
Skill Building Program
n/a 10
For 6th-12th grade students who want to improve their academic skills in math, reading, or writing. Advanced students learn the techniques needed to impress honors and AP® course instructors across the core subjects. In addition, we offer all students the opportunity to hone their executive functioning skills. Minimum of 10 sessions.

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Summer School

We offer all of our academic programs and courses throughout the summer. Students can begin any time on a flexible schedule. Learn more about summer school at Brightmont.

Advanced Courses

We offer courses for students to enhance their transcripts for college:

Additional Services

We offer other education services that include:

Enrollment Fee

A $200 Standard Enrollment Fee* applies for new students only. Students may return at any time for any reason and the enrollment fee does not apply.

Contact your local campus director to get a free consultation and customized program recommendation that includes the corresponding tuition and timeline, as well as information about tuition loans.

*Enrollment fee waived for new enrollments March 18, 2020-June 30, 2020.

School districts, trusts, and other institutions please contact Anna Vasquez at for a quote for 3rd party tuition payments and any other contract issues.

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Accredited Private School

Brightmont Academy is a private, accredited, year-round school for 6th to 12th graders. All course instruction is provided by one teacher working with one student.

A Positive, Customized Education

97% of students say Brightmont teachers make learning interesting and adjust instruction to their needs.

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My daughter was ready to drop out of school. At Brightmont Academy she thrives. The one-to-one instruction method is the key to her success. -Parent