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Summer Programs 2020

Brightmont’s one student one teacher instructional model offers 100% personalized instruction. We work entirely at your child’s pace and all learning and homework can be completed at school. Your schedule for summer academic programs can be structured around your student’s calendar, allowing for vacations, employment, sports and practices while continuing to enhance their academics. Provide your student with the strategies that most schools don’t teach in a format where all of the focus is on your child. See the benefits of enrolling your child in summer school at Brightmont.

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Summer School Benefits

Brightmont Academy Other Schools
Flexible Scheduling Yes, start any time, pause and restart without penalties Classes offered only on specific dates and time; penalties or failed grade for absences
Small Class Size 1 student Small to large
Customized Programs Yes No
Course Availability 100+ courses and electives Limited number of courses and electives
Enrollment Eligibility 6th-12th graders; equal access for all Some priority given to 11th- and 12th graders who need credit to graduate
Unlimited Course Enrollment Yes Limited, some only allow 2 maximum
Safe Environment Yes, zero-tolerance bullying policy Varies

6th-12th Grade Courses

Customized Math Programs

Customized Reading Programs

Customized Writing Programs

Customized Executive Functioning Programs


Math, Reading, Writing, and Executive Functioning Programs

10 session package: $900

20 session package: $1,800

Course for Credit

33 session semester course: starting at $2,700