Programs for Young Learners, K-6

Brightmont Academy provides the foundational skills that young students need for academic success. Our instructors work one-to-one with students in Kindergarten through 6th grade to advance learning and increase confidence in reading, math, and writing.

Reading Intervention Program

Kindergarten—Grade 6

Struggling students get the individualized support they need to improve their reading skills. One-to-one instruction combined with a multi-sensory curriculum makes for an optimal learning environment.

1) A pre-assessment of your child helps us to hone in on areas of focus such as decoding or reading comprehension.

2) We address skill gaps using an Orton-Gillingham based approach.

3) A post-assessment and the option for additional sessions shows our commitment to helping your child reach the desired learning outcomes.

Skill-Building Programs

Math: Grades 3—6
Writing: Grades 4—6

Students enrolled in a customized skill-building program make academic gains through one-to-one instruction. We can help students who are 1-5 grade levels behind in math or writing.

1) We will build a customized skill-building program based on your student's skills.

2) One teacher will work one-to-one with your child while focusing on the skills your child needs to meet their goals.

3) See your student's growth with a post-assessment.