One-to-One Instruction

At Brightmont Academy, all instruction is delivered by one teacher working with one student in a private learning room—with a class size of one. Instruction is tailored to each student’s level, building strong student-teacher relationships and allowing for immediate feedback and adjustment within each lesson.

Students may work with different subject-matter experts in each discipline, but teachers who start courses with students remain beside them, coaching and teaching, until the credits are completed. Brightmont instructors function as positive role models, mentors and coaches as well as teachers.

To complement the one-to-one instruction format, Brightmont Academy also employs a mastery-based learning approach. This allows students to move ahead or to receive additional instruction when needed so that they are always learning at their own pace and achieving mastery of the content. The powerful combination of one-to-one instruction using a mastery-based approach enables Brightmont Academy to address a wide range of learning styles and education needs.

Brightmont Academy is accredited, and credit can be transferred to other schools as needed. Several enrollment options are available, including college-prep courses and AP® courses.