Graduation Plan

The requirements for earning a diploma vary by state, and individual districts and schools may also set graduation requirements above and beyond the state minimums. Further, colleges and universities have differing admissions criteria, and the program of study may also impact the prerequisites a student needs to be admitted and successful in specific programs. Thus, answering the question, "What do I need to earn my diploma?" becomes individualized based on many factors.

Brightmont Academy staff can help you sort out the different paths to graduation, whether intending to graduate from Brightmont Academy or another institution. Having an outside review of transcripts offers many benefits, including:

  • Illuminating any gaps in the student's coursework so any deficits can be remedied prior to graduation time
  • Offering an historical record of the student's status toward meeting graduation requirements
  • Updating information, expectations, and planned coursework based on new state legislation and recommendations
  • Tailoring selected courses to prepare the student for graduation, admissions into post-secondary programs, and career.

Please contact your nearest campus director to set up a time to review records and develop a graduation plan.