NCAA Approved Courses

Meeting the Academic Needs of Student Athletes

In addition to long practice schedules and pressures associated with participating in athletics, many students aspire to meet NCAA core eligibility standards and have a credible academic record for serious consideration by Division I and Division II schools. Brightmont Academy supports student-athlete advancement to graduation and college.

One Teacher, One Student — All The Time

Research-based, one-to-one instruction is at the heart of the Brightmont Academy personalized approach. One teacher work with one student throughout every learning session, and every teaching moment is customized to that individual student's needs.

Time for Sports and Graduation

Whether at a training center, on the road, or at home, student athletes can complete course work on a schedule designed to best fit with travel and practices. Our flexible scheduling means that courses can be started any time of the year.

NCAA Eligibility

Players take our NCAA-approved courses to fulfill academic requirements or to retake courses to improve a grade.

  • Choose from 50+ NCAA-approved courses
  • Visit the NCAA high school portal website and enter “Brightmont Academy” as the school to view a full list of approved courses

Parent Consultations

We are happy to talk with parents to develop a customized program to fit the student's needs. We will counsel on the courses and schedule that will best balance each player's learning, college, and athletic obligation.

Athletic Director Consultations

Coaches and Athletic Directors are also invited to ask questions related to NCAA initial eligibility and how Brightmont fits into the solution. Call us at (888) 521-0887 for a free consultation.