College Credits

Brightmont offers the opportunity to study college level curriculum, enabling the student to earn both college and high school credit for the same course, and to show advanced coursework for college admissions purposes.

How it works:

Students take college level courses using Sophia Pathways College Credit curriculum and one-to-one instruction from a Brightmont instructor. View a complete list of available courses.

Upon completion, the student receives two transcripts:

  1. Sophia Pathways issues a transcript documenting college credit earned with a Pass/Fail grade and a final percentage earned.
  2. Brightmont Academy transfers in the Sophia college credits as high school credit with a letter grade based on the student's quality of work in the course. Learn more about the transfer equivalency rate for high school credits.

These credits count towards high school graduation, and also signal to prospective colleges and universities that the student has successfully completed college-level work.

Benefits to the Student:

  • Opportunity to earn both college and high school credit through the same course
  • Access to college courses not typically available to high school students, such as a Project Management and Conflict Resolution.
  • Strengthen college application for admissions purposes by demonstrating that college-level work has been completed. Common App and most individual college admissions offices this question on the application.
  • Opportunity to demonstrate advanced studies.
  • Potential of earning college credit that can transfer to another institution (Note: all schools determine their own transfer policies, which often vary according to degree program. Please check in advance with the college Admissions Director or Registrar for confirmation if you intend to transfer credits to another institution.)

How to get started:

  1. Talk to your campus director to see whether a college course fits with your graduation plan.
  2. The campus director submits an application to the Brightmont Admissions Committee, who will respond with approval to take the college course or an alternate recommendation.
  3. Once approved, the student is scheduled for instruction with a Brightmont instructor, who will log the student in to access the online Sophia Pathways College Credit course.