One-to-One Instruction

At the center of every Brightmont program is one-to-one instruction. By using this approach exclusively, Brightmont teachers are able to customize instruction to meet each student's individual needs and to incorporate personal interests for greater engagement and motivation. With the undivided attention of the teacher, students are able to ask the kind of questions that lead to a deeper understanding of the material, receive immediate feedback, and move ahead more quickly when they have grasped the current content.

Brightmont defines one-to-one instruction as one teacher with one student, all the time. We also incorporate technology into lessons, but Brightmont is a brick-and-mortar school, not an online or independent study option. Teachers sit side-by-side with students to explain, discuss, observe, evaluate, and check for understanding that transfers to multiple applications. More information about how the one-to-one instruction approach complements academic curriculum may be found here.