Ruth Wilson



Ruth A. Wilson, M.A., founded Brightmont Academy in 1999 and served in a leadership role through 2018. She is an entrepreneur, a certified principal and a board certified educational therapist. She has led multiple teams and served on several non-profit boards, including the Washington Branch of International Dyslexia Association. Ruth continues to share her educational expertise through postgraduate coursework, collaborations with other educators, and consulting and public speaking events.

Ruth earned a bachelor of music cum laude in piano performance from the University of Tulsa and soon discovered her passion for education while teaching music at a small private school. She continued there for a master of arts degree in education, and next completed a postgraduate educational leadership program to receive her WA State P-12 principal certification. After 20 years of teaching and supervising programs for gifted and learning disabled students in both traditional classrooms as well as a one-to-one instruction setting, Ruth has observed the profound impact a school environment has on a student’s self-esteem, motivation, growth, and ultimately, his or her success in school.

At Brightmont Academy, we have helped thousands of students earn high school credits with one-to-one instruction, and I still feel a rush of joy every time I have the honor of signing a diploma. I am in awe of the accomplishments our students have gone on to achieve, and it humbles me to realize how my small contribution of one-to-one instruction has initiated a long string of future successes.