Cathi Stojkov

VP of Academics and Training

Cathi Stojkov, M.Ed.
Serving as the VP of Academics and Training, Cathi Stojkov is responsible for ensuring the quality of education and staff programs provided nationwide.

Cathi has over two decades in curriculum, instruction, school administration, and staff development. She has administered and taught in a variety of online and blended learning environments from secondary to college classrooms. She began her career in business management where she gained experience in operations and staff performance.

Cathi holds a B.A. in history and social sciences from Eastern Michigan University and an M.Ed. in learning design and performance from Wayne State University. She holds a professional teaching license and a blended classroom certificate.

Brightmont provides a unique opportunity for instructors and students to work together in a setting that truly allows academic growth. I'm proud of the Brightmont mission and our commitment to helping each student get the most out of their unique one-to-one experience.