Who We Are

Brightmont Academy is an accredited private school for students in grades 6-12 established in 1999. We provide instruction using a one-to-one approach exclusively, meaning one teacher instructs one student in a private learning room throughout the entire session.

With the one-to-one format, our staff becomes our most important resource. They deliver effective, customized one-to-one instruction for each student. Our experts include:

  • Leadership team. With headquarters in Chicago, IL, the members of the leadership team have master's degrees or higher and are considered experts in their areas. This team is responsible for education programs, operations, and all support services necessary for our campuses to operate efficiently. Our leaders hold multiple credentials including principal certifications, and have previously served in leadership and executive roles.
  • Seasoned administrators: The individual campus directors, many with master's degrees, each have more than 10 years of experience in leadership and administrative positions such as high school principals, counselors, district curriculum directors, special education directors, education consultants, and other positions enabling high levels of advising and serving students and families. Please visit individual campus pages for background information on the campus director in your area.
  • Dedicated, experienced teachers: Brightmont Academy teachers are selected for their demonstrated knowledge in their respective disciplines and their ability to teach, motivate, and mentor students. Teachers draw upon a wide variety of instructional methods and utilize multiple curricula to match learning styles and needs of their students.

We are committed to helping each student achieve learning gains and develop confidence, and have a long history of helping students succeed, a small sample of which can be observed through our student success stories and the extensive list of colleges where our students have been accepted. Please contact any campus for more information about Brightmont Academy and how we might customize a program to serve you.