Brightmont Academy Success Story

David Follows his Passion for Photography

David RosenDavid Rosen has had a camera in his hand since he was just two years old, and his passion for taking pictures has never faded. At 30, David has now been running his own photography business for eight years. But he was not always certain about his life’s direction. David credits much of his success and his ability to follow his passion to the academic support he received from Brightmont Academy, a school that specializes in one-to-one instruction.

When David was in sixth grade, he moved from a school where he had almost no homework to a school with challenging classes and up to four hours of homework each night. On top of that, David was diagnosed with dyslexia, which made the new situation even more difficult. His family knew something had to change. They began searching for new options for David, and they were introduced to Ruth Wilson, the founder of Brightmont Academy.

David began tutoring sessions at Brightmont five days a week, which he now says made all the difference in his success. The lack of distractions that the one-to-one approach provides helped decrease the impact of his dyslexia so he could complete his homework much faster.

“Ruth is phenomenal, and she truly understood how to address my needs and work from my level of knowledge,” said David. “She helped me to succeed. I started getting better grades, and my reading and writing improved.

David became a passionate advocate for Brightmont Academy. He would set the stage for new students, making sure they felt welcome.

“Working with Ruth and Brightmont Academy throughout the years has made me a better person,” David said. “What she taught me and how she helped me believe in myself are tools that continue to help me excel every day.”

David contributes much of his success to his time with Brightmont Academy.

“Brightmont Academy truly believes every student deserves a chance to succeed,” he said. “Customized for each individual’s strengths, the instruction often helps students gain confidence and develop a love of learning.”