Brightmont Academy Success Story

Cayte Writes and Edits for National Publications

Today, Cayte Bosler is thriving. She launched her career as a writer and editor four years ago and now writes for The Atlantic,Boulder Weekly and for the Unreasonable Institute, an incubator for social entrepreneurs. Cayte credits her success to the support she received from Brightmont Academy, a school that specializes in one-to-one instruction.

When she was in high school, Cayte did not feel challenged in the traditional school setting. Her parents knew that she needed more intellectual stimulation and to move at a faster pace.

When they discovered Brightmont Academy, they knew the one-to-one school would be a good fit for Cayte. She enrolled full-time, finished her last two years of high school, and received her diploma from Brightmont Academy.

“Brightmont Academy was definitely the right solution for me at the time,” said Cayte. “The one-to-one instruction provided the extra attention I needed and the opportunity to stay engaged. It was much easier for me to learn at Brightmont Academy, where I was always seen as an individual, not one in a crowd of students. I appreciated having an opportunity to build a relationship with each of my teachers.”