One-to-One Online Tutoring during COVID-19 School Closures
One-to-One Online Tutoring during COVID-19 School Closures

At Brightmont Academy, we are prepared to support students with online instruction during school closures.

Many schools operate with the expectation that students work through the day independently for eLearning days. We know that all students and families don't thrive with this approach. Don't let your child fall behind in learning key foundational skills just because of school closures. If your child received a school packet but needs one-to-one tutoring to actually learn the material, we can help them. Our instructors will work with your child on their school coursework by teaching the material, giving step-by-step support, and providing feedback. Schedule tutoring sessions throughout the week to keep learning part of their regular routine.

Tutoring at Brightmont Academy for 3rd- to 12th-grade students means one-to-one instruction—all of the time. One experienced teacher individualizes instruction for one student throughout every learning session. The teacher adjusts the pace and approach to ensure that the student understands each concept before proceeding to the next and helps the student successfully complete school assignments. The results: maximum learning gains and maintain a learning routine in an uncertain time.

Brightmont Academy will waive the enrollment fee for students who enroll in one-to-one online tutoring during this difficult period. Learn More