Mission and Dimensions


At Brightmont Academy, our mission is to provide customized one-to-one instruction to help as many students as possible reach their full academic potential and prepare for college and career.

6 Dimensions

The 6 Dimensions define the values important to fulfilling our mission and providing the most effective Brightmont experience for students and their families at every campus.


Setting high expectations for performance and employing best practices of educational excellence.


Believing that every student can succeed. Maintaining a focus on learning and ensuring every student feels welcome, nurtured, and respected. Fostering school community.

Student Care

Understanding the “whole” child and honoring each individual’s interests, learning style, and personality.


Providing the most effective one-to-one instruction that is individualized, comprehensive, and engaging. Setting clear learning goals and adjusting as needed based on progress.


Engaging in proactive, honest, and regular dialogue; being active listeners; respecting the opinions of others.


Constantly improving by setting and communicating goals for our students, staff, and organization, and then measuring and reporting progress toward meeting those goals.